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Rules & Regulations


Student's Conduct Rules

The main duty of a student is to learn to be of good character. She/he has to learn how to behave so that she/he may do well in dealing with others after one leaves the school. Books studied at school is to nurture one’s intellectual capacity. The purpose of having such a capacity is to enable oneself to know what is good and right and what is not.

A student must behave well to his/her fellow students. She/he should think and consider whether it will be harmful to them and others or not , in whatever she/he does. So each and every student of this school should strictly observe the rules given herein below:- 

  1. When a teacher comes into a class, all the students should respect him/her by standing up. After he/she tells them to sit down only then they may do so.
  2. If a teacher is already there in the classroom, a student must seek his or her permission while entering the classroom.
  3.  All students must attend school in full uniform. No make-up and jewellery is allowed during school hours.
  4. While talking with a teacher, a student should not put his/her hands into the pocket. A student should neither sit on the teacher's chair nor lean against the teacher's table.
  5. If a student wants to object to what the teacher says, he/she should not use arrogant expression as: “how can it be”, “I can’t do it” etc. Instead of these expressions one may use : “Sir/Madam/Miss. I am not in a position to do it” etc. i.e in a mild and humble way.
  6. When a teacher is in the class, the students should not make noise. Such a behaviour is an act of disrespect to the teacher.
  7. Students are also not to sing, whistle or make noise in the absence of Teachers.
  8. After the bell rings to indicate the end of a period, a student is not allowed to ask the outgoing teacher the permission from him/her for going out. So, he/she should wait for the teacher coming next and take permission from him/her for going out.
  9. No student is allowed to leave the school campus at any time without permission of the school authority/Principal.
  10. Eating something or chewing gums in the class/school is forbidden. (except during recess)
  11. Whenever anything is passed to or taken from a teacher, a student should use his/her right hand or both the hands.
  12. No students can distribute any pamphlet or booklet etc. on politics or any other subject among the students without the permission of the Principal.
  13. No student can sell or buy tickets for sports or dramatic performance or anything else in the school.
  14. No student is allowed to meet any friend or guardian during school hours. So the students should ensure that their friends/guardians do not come to meet at school.
  15. Except in the 2nd, 3rd or 6th period, no student can go out of the class room. Not more than two students are allowed to go at a time.
  16. When a student enters the Principal’s or Vice- Principal’s room, Teacher’s Common room or any other school authorities’ room, he/she should enter after taking permission.
  17. Even after the final bell is given in the last period, no one should leave the room before their teacher goes out. While going out also they should take positions in a row and go out one after another.
  18. One must not sit or stand on the table or chair of the teacher or on the desks where students put their books.
  19. If a teacher does not come to the class within five minutes after the bell, the students should report the matter to the Principal or Vice-Principal whoever is available.
  20. Students should not bring any valuable items/article/mobile phones/any irrelevant materials of education etc. to the school. If found, will be confiscated by the school authority.
  21. Students are not allowed to use unfair means and practices during tests/examinations. Such behaviour will lead to appropriate punishments including rustication from school.
  22. Physical, emotional and digital safety is of utmost importance. All the students are advised to remain alert and safe.
  23. Bullying will not be tolerated in the school. Students are encouraged to report cases of bullying to the school authorities, who will take appropriate action.

Students’ Attendance Rules:

  1. Absence from the Vidyalaya will retard the progress of the student. Hence, leave of  absence may be granted only on the following grounds:

    a). Serious illness or death of a very close relatives.
    b). A religious ceremony in which her presence is indispensable.
    c). Health issue of the student.

  2. Those who do not come to school must apply for leave of absence.
  3. They should submit their applications countersigned by their Parents/ Guardians addressed to the Principal through the class-teacher (Positively by the next day).
  4. The period of leave with reason should be recorded on the student’s calendar by the parents with signature.
  5. In case of illness, medical certificate must be attached with the application. Long absence except in case of illness should be avoided.
  6. If a student/boarder is found absent for consecutive days (class/hostel) without any information, the name of the student will be struck off the register on the 15th day of absence and may be readmitted by paying a fee of Rs. 500/- respectively.
  7. If a student is absent for the last three days in a calendar month or any one of these three days, his/her leave must be submitted on or before the last day of the month concerned.
  8. After deduction of the days of absence on leave if one’s attendance is not upto 75%, he/she will not be allowed to sit for the EXAMINATION.
  9. Attendance of less than 75% of lectures delivered is liable to pay the Non-Schooling fee for appearing the Examination.
  10. No student will be allowed to leave after a few periods on account of Sharadha/Marriage/Death Anniversaries, Feast, etc.
  11. If he/she may be granted leave for one day saying that one has come without taking meal, he/she will not be granted leave in between the school hours.
  12. The Vidyalaya will remain closed on second saturday and other saturdays will have full classes. 

Removal / Withdrawal From The Vidyalaya

  1. The Vidyalaya reserves the right to remove any student from the Vidyalaya for violation of school rules & regulation.
  2. At least 2 days’ prior notice in writing is to be submitted duly signed by the parent/guardians before withdrawing a student from the Vidyalaya. Student/Parent has to take clearance of no due certificate from different sections of the Vidyalaya.
  3. If parents want to withdraw his/her ward during mid-session student should pay full tuition fees for the whole academic year. Any refundable items are to be paid after completion of the academic year.