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Admission - Class XI 2021-22

Welcome to the admission page of RK Sanatombi Devi Vidyalaya. We offer Science and Arts Stream, kindly note the admission process below:

  1. Apply for admission by submitting the form.
  2. Get 'Provisional Admission' to Class 11, provided that the eligibility criteria are met for the preferred stream. Admission will only be confirmed on production of Board Examination Results
  3. Students with 70% and above who are eligible for admission and fees discount, kindly contact the school office for payment.
  4. Counselling session for all the applicants (date and time will be notified)
  5. Confirmed admission

For further clarifications, kindly contact
the Principal at upendrajit@rksdvidyalaya.in
call Coordinator at # 6009094069 / 8837082518

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Provisional Admission

Class XI (2021-22)

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SlSubject%Marks/Grade SlSubject%Marks/Grade
1 2
3 4
5 6
  1. i) English,    ii) Physics,    iii) Chemistry,    iv) Biology,    v) / ,    vi) /
  2. i) English,    ii) Physics,    iii) Chemistry,    iv) Biology,    v) Mathematics,    vi) /
  1. i) English,    ii) Geography,    iii) Sociology,    iv) Pol. Science,    v) History,    vi) / ,   
  2. i) English,    ii) Geography,    iii) Sociology,    iv) Pol. Science,    v) / vi) / /
Facilities and cut off mark
  1. Free Admission and 50% Tuition fee for 2 months for students achieving A1 or 90% and above.
  2. 45% or C2 for admission in Science Stream.
  3. 40% or C2 for admission in Arts Stream
  4. Facilities for Top Ten Position holders of the Vidyalaya will remain same as last years.
Rs. 1571515085(admission fee) + 1750(50% tution fee for 2 months) + 300(application form) = 17765 + 523.95(3% tax)

Total Payable Amount is   Rs.

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