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28th Annual Sports Meet of RK Sanatombi Devi Vidyalaya

07 Jan, 2023

The 28th Annual Sports Meet of the vidyalaya was held on the 22nd and 23rd of Dec,2022. Shri Sapam Nishikant Singh,Member-Manipur Legislative Assemble and Chairman,Privilege & Ethics Committee,Manipur graced the function as the Chief guest along with other esteemed guests.

The Annual Sports meet is held every year in the month of dec for the Sub-Junior,Junior and Senior Sections. This year, many interesting events were conducted for the Sub-junior and Junior sections like Statue Dance,Sweet Plucking,Blind hit,Arithmetic race,Musical Chair,In-Out,etc. They participated with much enthusiasm and energy.

In the Senior Section, there were many events like Basketball,Football,Tug of War etc and tracks events like 100m,1000m race etc. Our students fought their heart out with all their talent, strength,stamina to be the winner in every event and eventually to be the coveted Team Champion. 

There was a house-wise March Past competition too. We also have our own school band which was performing in full swing in the two-days events. We also had beautiful demonstration performances in Yoga,Thang-Ta(The manipuri Martial arts) and a vibrant energetic aerobic dance performance by our junior students. Our Chief Guest and other esteemed guest were left in awe by the performances of our students. Shri Sapam Nishikanta in his speech mentioned about how impressed he was  and that this was the first time he saw a school band of their own and commended that RK Sanatombi Devi Vidyalaya is one of the best school in the state.

The winner of the March Past Competition was Blue House with Yellow House as the runner's up. The best player (Senior) was awarded to Alina Yumkhaibam of Class 12 ,Green house and best player(Junior) to Leena Thounaojam of Class 4,Blue house. Finally the most coveted award, The Overall Team Champion was won by Green House for the year 2022. 

We had an awesome eventful two days of sports and celebrations. Winning is good but participation is more important. We want our students to be physically and mentally fit and healthy and sports is the best way along with their studies. They learn about not just playing the sports but also about leadership,responsibiities,teamwork,comradeship,etc. At the end of the day,regardless of who won the trophies and medals, sports is the winner and everyone a champion in their own way.